Breaking: Custard Pie duo Ding & Dong will now be known as Dong & Ding.

Ding & Dong

The ever popular Ding and Dong will henceforth be known as Dong and Ding, the decision was made post lengthy discussions after Dong pondered for some time on the idea that a ‘Ding’ (of a bell for instance) does not necessarily sound before a ‘Dong’ specially if the listener was to join the ‘ding donging’ in mid chime. After much deliberation between Ding & Dong or should I say Dong & Ding it was concluded that the ‘Which name goes first’ scenario should be resolved by a game of Tiddly Winks which finally concluded Dong as the winner. After a little hissy fit and characteristic grumpiness from Ding he conceded and agreed to Dongs name going before his- as he mumbled something about the name change amounting to a effective promotion for Dong, we can only wait and see how it will all pan out over Christmas