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Amazing Classic Marionette Puppetry from Philippe Genty

Philippe Genty

Beautiful performance from Paul Daniels magic show.A puppet casts off his own strings not realising its all that makes him real. French puppeteer Philippe Genty ” In “Pierrot” a marionette determines to liberate himself from the strings that control him. With freedom comes collapse”

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Hedgy. Custard Pie Puppets

This clip shows characters from ‘Badger’s Birthday’ and is very popular with children from 4 to 10 years. Perfect for kids parties in your own home





Incredibly realistic Abe Lincoln animatronics

animatronic Abe Lincoln

This incredibly lifelike animatronic Abraham Lincoln is the work of Garner Holt Productions, which has been making robots for theme parks, museums, and other attractions for 40 years. We get up close to this robot and chat with its creator, Garner Holt, about the state of animatronics you see in places like Disneyland and what’s to come. Find out more about Garner Holt’s animatronics work here: http://www.garnerholt.com/ Shot and edited by Joey Fameli

The (SAG) Puppeteers role in American Film from Frank Oz to Andy Serkis

The Screen Actors Guild recognizes puppeteers as principal performers. This video helps to show the artistry and skill of today’s puppeteer. The video was intended to instruct SAG/AFTRA staff and board members the relevance and unique styles of performance by puppeteers. It was created by the SAG National Puppeteers Committee and is narrated by James Cromwell