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Custard Pie Puppets brings family entertainment to the highest standard possible. We are the best at what we do in Ireland! Happy memories guaranteed

Alaskan puppetry for grown ups

For Geppetto’s Junkyard, a puppetry troupe based in Haines, Alaska, near the Canadian border, few topics are off limits. The puppeteers find that they can say anything they want with a puppet

Watch: Shakespeare’s King Lear with puppets (short clip)

Independent Eye uses puppets to bring life to Shakespeare’s “King Lear.” The Independent Eye is a professional theatre founded by Conrad Bishop and Elizabeth Fuller in 1974, now based in Sebastopol, CA

Ding and Dong perform live
Ding & Dong

Dong & Ding still goin strong!

This clip was recorded by an audience member at the GAA Museum 2008. These two popular characters are always a huge hit at kid’s birthday parties 

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Watch a sneak-peek of a Custard Pie Puppets rehearsal (for a limited time only)

This is a short clip of Custard Pie’s Badger’s Birthday with Eddie the Teddy and Hedgie the Hedgehog it was recorded for rehearsal reference purposes thus the lower picture quality. Let us know if you’d like to book this show for your child’s birthday party

Classic Spitting Image. British Royal family get evicted

Queen Elizabeth’s nightmare that her family lose all their money and move into a high-rise council block, where they have to resort to crime to survive. Prince Charles later becomes a cabbie. Also stars Princes Philip, Edward & Andrew, Sarah Ferguson & late Queen Mother. Cameo from EastEnders’ Dot Cotton. (Series 10, 1991).